Thermos Food Jar

Insulated Food Jar

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An insulated food jar can help you transport food while maintaining its temperature.

There are various kind of insulated food jars becoming popular these days. Insulated food jars are useful in keeping food warm or cold.

One of the most popular kinds of food jars is the Foogo food jar. Parents like it because it does not leak. In addition, it easy for children to carry. It keeps the food warm as promised. One parent reported back that his daughter eats lunch five hours after he puts lunch in her lunch box, and it is still warm for lunch.

The size of the Foogo food jar is perfect for children's lunch boxes. It's small, and durable. Children can easily open it. Parents find that it's easy to clean. It's also easy to write to owner’s name on it. It's also popular with families who do not use microwaves. This is because it keeps the food warm for a long time. The wide mouth means that it's easy to spoon food out of, and can even be used to carry soups in.

One criticism that parents make about the Foogo food jar is that the plastic groove in the top is hard to clean, and it appears that it could harbor bacteria. However, overall this insulated food jar is popular with parents and children. It keeps food warm, does not leak and has a nice, trendy design. sells insulated lunchboxes. They claim that their insulated lunchbox is just the right size to hold a complete lunch including a drink, a sandwich, and a snack. The box features a double zipper closure, a carrying handle and a large pocket in front. The inside is made of vinyl and is easily wiped clean. It's available in pink or blue. Parents love this lunchbox because it's insulated and the front pocket is a great place to put lunch money or notes in.

A popular insulated food carrying device for adults is the Sachi Fashion Food Bag. It looks like a ladies’ bag and not like a lunchbox. In fact, it is a large padded handbag that provides insulation to put other lunch containers in. It's quite a large size, and you can fit a disposable sandwich container or a large container from a Chinese take-away easily, as well as a beverage and snack for the day. It keeps food warm even if you stay out for a long time. The bag makes you look stylish, and it doesn't appear as though you were going to school with the lunch. It's also reasonably priced, and available from various retailers both online and off-line.

These are the three different insulated food jars that caught my eye. There are so many different insulated food containers available these days that finding the right one for you or your children should no longer be difficult.